I am gone, but I am here

I have been missing you for nights upon nights

in the back of my mind, I wonder why I

drift between our past and present

with no way to the future

no way to find a bridge between

I am a ghost to myself

we have been young for years

called ourselves two sides of the same coin

but isn’t it funny how two different sides

can merge with different stories

and perhaps they were not so different at all?

we are a ghost to each other

stars are born and they die in brilliance

but we died without any brilliance

just word-of-mouth

and everything they said about this feeling fading

was a lie

because I feel you

I miss you

and I am angry at you

everything we were remains as a ghost to me

I know why I left our mosaic behind

a broken melody of pieces that somehow made a masterpiece

how many times can a mosaic break before they know it’s broken?

I am a ghost of the cathedral

drifting between stories and whispers

I am haunting myself

we are haunting each other

and there is a lingering feeling I can’t figure out

lingering sunlight that cries for hope

our memory will, perhaps, always be a ghost

I have fallen into oblivion

we are falling down a thousand rabbit holes

we are words on a screen

sent at 10:30 pm

waiting for response

I am waiting for a response, but not through a screen

I am waiting for your eyes to tell me everything

to sit down and try to fit our mosaic back together

too many pieces

not enough of us left to fix it

however, perhaps ghosts can find each other

just, please

please don’t deceive me

I’m still waiting for your response

will you respond?

Copyright 2021 Shadow Wolf Studios