Nightmare Realm


After Cypher’s exile, he met Shikari and the two agreed to create a realm for entities like them. Cypher went deep into the mountains, searching for a place to create an entrance to the new realm. Shikari alerted Cypher to a small, sheltered place squeezed between two boulders. Cypher managed to create a portal to a new realm with the help of the Veil. He and Shikari took refuge inside this realm, deciding that the entrance would remain unknown by the Center Realm – at least for the time being.

During the day, the sky was a bright red. Shikari questioned Cypher on the reason why, but Cypher admitted he wasn’t sure. Something in him believed it had something to do with his exile, but he shoved those feelings away. In contrast to the day, the night was a rich purple with galaxies spinning slowly. Stars would blink into existence. It was reminiscent of the sky Cypher used to watch in the Center Realm.

This newly created realm was dubbed the Nightmare Realm. Cypher became the King of Nightmares.


Cypher’s castle lay near the mountain range that housed the only entrance and exit out of the Nightmare Realm. From there, he was able to oversee most of the territories claimed by other entities.


For Shikari, the Land of Revival was the only name fit for his territory. It was a mainly barren landscape, covered in hills, rocks, and a few mountains. Creatures that had been revived by Shikari lived in their own groups throughout the territory. They found their food in snakes and other rodents that managed to survive. Shikari lived near a small building that looked like some sort of chapel. He spent a lot of his time there.

Shikari took inspiration from Kinoko to protect the Land of Revival. He appointed one Guardian that would stand beside him. Originally, a Risen known as Arrow was the Guardian, but unfortunate events led to that title being stripped from them. Shikari appointed Lite, a Risen who had once been Arrow’s friend, to be the next Guardian. Lite has not betrayed Shikari.


The Land of Revival led into a sandy desert that became home to Aksne. After Aksne left the Center Realm, Shikari offered him the desert beside the Land of Revival. Aksne agreed and took the territory as his own.

Aksne was the only creature to inhabit the Desert. He was completely alone. To take his mind off his loneliness, he built a small “town” that resembled old western towns. Underneath the town, he built a tunnel system that led to a large cave. Aksne spent a lot of time in that cave. He also built a small room off of his main home that held a large amount of dolls.


The only creatures in this territory consisted of large insects, mostly spiders. Arachne spends most of her time in the tunnels with the spiders. There are large holes in the ground that open to the sky. There are no signs of vegetation.

Arachne is the only other entity to have a Guardian for their territory. Her Guardian is a gigantic spider that hides deep within the tunnel system.


Uknunwn’s territory is a dense forest made mostly of pine trees and the occasional oak. Odd creatures roam the territory. They are terrifying to look at, but they mostly stay out of sight. Uknunwn refuses to have a Guardian for their territory.

The only other entity Uknunwn spends time with is Sei. The two have formed a parent-son relationship.


Sei’s territory are a bunch of crystal caves connected by thin tunnel systems. There aren’t any other creatures inhabiting those caves except for Sei. One day, Sei discovered that one of his tunnels led up to the Dark Forest. He spends most of his time in that forest with Uknunwn, but sometimes the two hang out in the Mirror Caves.


Arai and her siblings named this land when they were young. They are the only creatures in their territory. It’s sheltered in the large mountain range that reaches towards Cypher’s castle. In the beginning, it was full of the laughter of three siblings having the time of their lives.

However, after Zero’s death, that changed. Arai spends most of her time with Aksne and Zephyr is all alone.