Most of Kinoko is descended from Star Ridge Pack. One wolf, known as Monarch, began gathering support from a large portion of the pack. She was seen as the one who would save the pack. However, Monarch knew that if she saved all of them then they would die anyway. A pack the size of this one wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere. After at least 80 years of being at odds with Lotus, Monarch decided to take her followers and leave. They headed northeast towards a dense forest that led to open meadows, lakes, and rivers. Monarch settled the group of approximately 100 wolves in a spot where three rivers met in a circle.

After Monarch discovered the Veil and decided to cut Kinoko off from the Center Realm, Kinoko was officially born.

Monarch took 20 wolves and created the Guardians to defend Kinoko. The Guardians were Monarch’s most trusted guards.


Kinoko’s main castle is sheltered in the middle of a large town at the original settlement spot. Since that point, wolves have separated across Kinoko to create their own towns. Monarch ruled over all of them until Lola took over after their mother’s death.

The main town is known as Starlite.


Kyro is a small town that was set up a few years after Kinoko’s initial founding. Currently, it holds only a couple hundred wolves. This is the closest town to Starlite.


Syrri was founded around the same time as Kyro, but it’s much larger in size. It holds approximately a thousand or so wolves and other creatures. Compared to Starlite, Syrri is extremely popular for creatures looking for a new home.


Arga is the last town formed. It’s the second largest against Starlite, but much less popular. It’s sheltered in the small mountain range stretching across part of Kinoko. A few thousand wolves populate Arga.