The Studio

Hello! My name is Holli. I’m the creator of Shadow Wolf Studios.

I am an artist, animator, poet, and actor. I’m mostly self-taught.

The Dream Realms is a story that was created by my friend and I. They created the characters of Lola, Neptune, and Monarch and developed the basic plotlines surrounding those characters and their kingdom of Kinoko. Their links are below.

I also create poetry based upon personal experience. Some of them are focused around characters or lore of the Dream Realms. They are available in written form here on the website, but they will be uploaded to YouTube as spoken word.

**Please note that while I am the co-creator of the Dream Realms, “Shadow Wolf Studios” is my own invention. It is mostly an outlet to share my poetry and the Dream Realms, as well as any other stories that I might be developing.

I would also like to note that I create almost all of the content for the Dream Realms (animations, art, poetry, toyhouse pages except for some Kinoko characters, etc). ALL Shadow Wolf Studios accounts are run by me, Holli. The book series will be written by me but credited as Shadow Wolf Studios.**

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You can find all links on my carrd!

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