NAME : Sei

GENDER : male

PRONOUNS : he/him


BIRTH DATE : unknown

AGE : not entirely known

HEIGHT : 9.1 in.

WEIGHT : 9.4 lbs


Sei is an entity that has taken the form of a small cat. He appears to be made of glass, but he’s not see-through. He’s mainly light gray with his lower body creating a gradient into a darker gray. Sei has large blue eyes. He’s blind. His body is extremely lithe and thin. It seems that Sei has very little physical strength.

Reference sheet: coming soon


Sei currently lives in the Nightmare Realm. His territory is a mass of tunnels that run mostly under Arai and Oak’s territories. Sei spends most of his time in Oak’s territory. He used to live with Vincent and Friar in the Mystic Realm.

Sei oversees nightmares regarding embarrassment and panic.

He has the ability to see what makes a person deeply uncomfortable, although he’d prefer if he didn’t know that information. He doesn’t have any other abilities, though, and can’t use the Veil for any other means.