The World of the Dream Realms

In the beginning, there was the Veil. There wasn’t much else in terms of energy since intelligent life on Earth was few and far between. At this time, most of what existed consisted of bacteria, desperately swimming around in the never-ending ocean. The Veil had existed since before that bacterium, though. It had seen the birth of the universe. The bright, brilliant light of what would be known as the Big Bang amazed it. Eventually, its attention was turned to the hunk of rock that would eventually be known as Earth. The Veil wondered what it would house. It sensed life, but nothing with enough brain to get involved with. The Veil would sit back and watch as Earth developed.

Its interest became peaked when the first sentient creatures appeared in the oceans. Something tugged at the Veil’s being. It hardly understood the feeling, but it went along with it anyway. The Veil was an energy source. It existed everywhere and nowhere all at once. It was formless, appearing usually as some sort of mist. Before life on Earth, it had not had a purpose other than to watch. Now, it got involved, but distantly. Life on Earth had begun to dream. They were not dreams in the way that humans dream, but they were dreams. The Veil allowed for those dreams to happen.

As life evolved, the Veil watched it all. It provided the energy for dreams and watched as the world shifted and changed. Then, something changed. There was a huge shift in life and in reality. The Veil sensed a strange spike in intelligence. In the moment it had not been watching, Earth jumped forward. Intelligent life had taken a turn. Humanity had come into fruition.

Something changed in the Veil around this time. It wasn’t necessarily scared of the change, but it knew the change had to occur. Part of it wanted to continue as it always had, with direct involvement, but it feared it wouldn’t be able to keep up. So, with that thought in mind, the Veil let eight parts of itself go. It created a realm to contain those parts, so they weren’t floating in a place between something and nothing. The realm existed somewhere closer to something, but it remained between. At least it was a solid ground instead of the Veil’s mist.

~ ~ ~

The Dream Realms was created in response to the rise of humanity on Earth. The Veil would always watch over the realm and would swear to protect it. It ended up creating eight entities to oversee certain types of dreams and nightmares. Over the course of the Dream Realms’ existence, more and more entities would be created from the Veil. The Dream Realms would populate itself into the powerful realm that is known as in the present day.

Learn about the four realms below:

Center Realm

Nightmare Realm

Mystic Realm