Center Realm


The Center Realm was the first realm to be created. It was formed directly from the Veil in order to house the newly created entities. It was covered in beautiful mountains, forests, and flatlands. There was nothing out of the ordinary with the realm. Its sky was blue, sometimes covered in cloud, and the night was full of stars and galaxies. Unlike the Nightmare Realm, colors were considered normal instead of being washed in red.

After Cypher’s exile, the main entities that lived within the Center Realm were Estrella, Tia, Lotus, and Oblivion. Estrella was considered the ruler with the other three being only slightly below her.



Estrella’s castle was sheltered by a barren land filled with mountains. A flatland full of lush grass stretched out before it. Estrella and Lotus were the only entities who lived directly inside the castle. Tia lived in a cave nearby and Oblivion supposedly lived in the underground beneath the castle.


This land was the original home for Star Ridge Pack, a colony created by Lotus, so she had something to call her own. However, things did not go well. This led to the creation of Kinoko, and eventually the creation of two different territories within the Center Realm. Very little life lives in the Barren Mountain-scape now.


The Distance is a territory filled with multiple small wolf packs. They are descendants from Star Ridge Pack, although by the time Shadow is born, no one remembers their roots. They are sheltered within a large oak forest with a few birch trees. There are at least 15 packs living in the Distance.


The Blue is a territory filled with multiple small wolf packs, although there are less wolf packs in the Blue than there are in the Distance. They are also descended from Star Ridge Pack, and no one remembers their roots. The land is sheltered in a sizable pine forest. Some of that forest belongs to Kinoko. There are less than 7 packs living in the Blue.


Set on the crest of a small hill, Yinyan’s willow tree overlooks a vast flatland. It’s near Estrella’s castle, but it’s too far away.


The Lab was created by Cerby, a Final-Form Shade that migrated to the Center Realm from the Mysic Realm to find a better life. The goal of the Lab is to help the sick and injured get back on their feet.


Estrella discovered Shikari’s old camp long after the Nightmare Realm was created. Instead of destroying it, Estrella left it as it was. She viewed the abandoned camp as history and wanted to leave it alone.