Mystic Realm


The Mystic Realm was officially formed when Vincent cut off the land from the rest of the Dream Realms. He’d struggled to live with all the drama present in the Dream Realms, and eventually took drastic measures to get away from it. With the help of the Veil, Vincent created a mist that cut his territory off from everyone else. The newly separated realm became known as the Mystic Realm.

Vincent and his husband Friar are the sole rulers.


Vincent and Friar live by a large cave that leads indirectly to the human world. It’s surrounded by a shallow lake with cherry trees and Japanese blossoms. The rest of the Mystic realms was mostly forest with multiple different types of trees. There were a few rivers and lakes, but not many.


Although some believe that this land was inappropriately named due to the dense forest, many Final-Form Shades call this place home. They live in small colonies that are similar to wolf packs but with different hierarchies and rules. There are at least 30 colonies living in the Clear.


A group of creatures known as Bearmixes settled in a land beside the largest lake in the Mystic Realm. Instead of multiple different groups, the Bearmixes live in one large group and alternate where in their territory they live depending on the time of year.