The Theatre

The theatre is part of my soul

Just like a little box

And a world we worked to create

And we perform in front of darkness

Since we can’t see their eyes

Through the shine of the lights on us.

We’re on another level of sanity;

We can be insane if we want

And everything’s changing every once and a while

Cause we don’t live for the aftermath;

We don’t live for the cheers of the audience

Or for the “good job’s”.

We live for the moment,

For the family,

For the seconds where it’s just us

And we can be free

And we can jump and yell

And just be crazy

And we don’t feel judged because the people

Sitting on darkened seats

Only see what we want them to.

We are the ringmasters of this show.

We’re busy taming our lions

And walking too-thin tightropes

Kicking down doors

And destroying every single wall

That ever stood between us and

Who we were always going to be.

The theatre is my life

And the stage is my story

So that’s where you can find me

And that’s where I’m learning to speak

And I’m learning how to find a family

And that I’m not hated by everyone.

Watch me stand on my feet

Watch me slam open my door

And sit down on my bed

To write something to raise me from the dead

And to wake up those who are sleeping.

Watch me get up on a stage

With a ghost light brightening the paper in my hands

Cause a long time ago there was just me

And my words

And my mind

And not a single ghost light

No audience

Just me.

Somehow I found the lights shining onto me

As I’m standing in front of my peers

In front of people who know me as silent

Who think I’ve got nothing to say

When I’m instead a gurgling volcano

Ready to explode.

I’m going to destroy Pompeii

Bury it deep under ash.

I speak the first words I let them hear

“Go and fly”

Something written for my friends

And I chose to share for chance

The light shining

And I’m screaming a message

About how I’m not worthless

And they’re clapping in the audience

They’re calling for more

And they want more

They love it

They see me

And for once I wasn’t silent

For once I could speak

And I think I proved all of them wrong.

These words are the key

To walking on that stage

To living a life where I’m living for the moment

And the aftermath is a bittersweet sacrifice

For something I worked so hard to achieve

They say you’re crazy for dreaming about Broadway

But nothing I’ve ever dreamed has been crazy

Because here I am

I’ve got these stories being shared

And I’m speaking through poems

And to me

These are more than words on a page.

These are my breath

These are my life

My key to the stage

With the lights shining.

I’m ensemble.

Not many know who I am.

But I’m working my way up.

I’m getting to the front

And I can’t see the audience

But this is the moment

And it’s in my grasp

I can’t let this race past me

Grab it

I’m gonna audition

I’m gonna try

I’m not shying back yet.

I live on the stage

No matter how many lights shine on my soul

No matter how many words I speak

I’ll tell you a little secret:

I am made of shadows.

Copyright 2020 Shadow Wolf Studios