Love Poem

How do you fair when the demons inside your mind

Grab your hopes and dreams, rattling them like

Money inside a tin can, creating a noise that is lonely,

Breaking your soul in half?

How do you live when the monsters rake through your memories,

Grinning and laughing to themselves,

Picking out the one they know you fear the most

And they say: “This is how you will always break?”

Where do you go when your vultures haunt you like

The fox hunts a hare, leaping down from the air

And breaking its neck in one clean jerk?

You close your eyes and the tears fall down your face,

Like rain falls from the sky,

Creating a stream that overflows its banks,

And drowns you in your own sorrow.


The monsters and demons and vultures

Spend their days convincing you the possible is impossible

And that no one will ever find a way to love you

The way the sun loves the moon when they pass in the sky

The sun making way for the moon to shine

And the moon doing the same.

The monsters and demons and vultures

Despise the love between the sun and the moon

For they see the dusk and dawn as a weakness

Instead of a strength, a difference,

Something that shows the passion the sun has for the moon

And the love they share for each other.

This is what love truly is.

This is the love that has fallen away from you.

The love you cannot see.


You have an army of friends that know who you are.

They know you are an inspiration to the world

A seed that is blossoming

A flower that is in the middle of blooming.

They can see past your monsters and your demons and your vultures

And they say “Forget them; we want you

Because you are you and we love you for that.”

They reach out with both hands and grab yours

People from different backgrounds, different worlds

And yet they love you and you love them

And your hands bind themselves together

Holding tight

Promising to never let go.

Together you make the sun and the moon

Making way for the other to shine.

The sun with its cirrus clouds

The moon with its stars and planets.

At night the stars whisper to you as you lay in bed

And they whisper wisdom and words

If only you could listen.

And in a group of seven people including you

When you count how many there are what do you find?

Do you count six and ponder it

Or do you count seven.

If you count six then you did not count yourself

Because you have not placed your arms around your body

And whispered truths into your mind

And loved yourself.

Because in a group of seven people you only counted six

Forgetting to count yourself.

Only you can place bandages on your wounded soul

From where the monsters raked their claws

From where the demons cut with their knives

From where the vultures pecked for a carrion meal.

Only you can lift your voice up to the moon and howl your love

Because your soul is a wolf

And each wolf is different

And you are special.

Your wolf spirit will climb and climb and climb

Until you are no longer a lone wolf

You are in a pack of other wolves

And together you can fill your lives with love

The way the sun and the moon do each dusk and dawn.

Your love is not a weakness

And if the demons and monsters and vultures say it is

Tell them they are wrong

And face them

And say you love yourself and your soul

And your broken pieces

Because they make you beautiful

And your flaws are the strongest part of you.

You are different.

You are unique.

And it took a wolf spirit of love to show it to you.

Do not apologize for your pain.

Your pain is your strength and you should embrace it.

It’s funny how it has taken many years for one person

To find the love they needed

And find that love within themselves.

Right where they needed it most.

Let dusk and the dawn remind you of the passion of love

For the sun and the moon are an example

Of a universe of love

As one star dies so that another star begins

A nebula of love

A red giant that is big because of love

And it is ready to explode to give the love away

To let the rest of the universe know its warmth

And remind each being in it

That stars died so they could become their own love

Just the way they are

And that nothing, nothing

Not a monster

Not a demon

Not a vulture

Can quiet the roaring lion

The soaring eagle

And the wolf spirit

That keeps on burning inside of us.

Because we are love.

We are a fire of love.

Our greatest accomplishment is our love.

So roar, howl,

And keep on soaring.

The universe is love

And so are you

And the greatest love you will ever find

Is the one you keep within your heart.

Copyright 2018 Shadow Wolf Studios