Tomorrow We’ll All Have Faces

Today I wait

Today I sit alone

Today I wonder how it got to this point

How the world flipped upside down and I cry

Today I watch

Today I sleep

Today I think about the things I never said

The things I’ve always wanted to say, and they’re alive

And I wanted to be just like you

And you wanted me to be everything you thought was right

So I wore a mask of your own creation

But someday

I will find the strength to throw away that mask

And tomorrow I’ll have my face

Tomorrow you’ll have your face

We just have to keep going

Until society lets us live our lives

Without having to conform to the roles they thought we should be

Tomorrow we’ll all have faces and they’ll show who we really are inside

But it’s scary

But it’s the unknown

But it’s everything we ever wanted

Because all we wanted was to be set free and it’s terrifying

But it’s different

But it’s so strange

But what if they don’t wanna see our faces

Because we don’t wanna see our own faces; I know, it’s scary

I wanted to fit in my whole life

So I lived my life hiding myself away from the world

And I wore a mask of their own creation

But tomorrow maybe I’ll throw that mask away

Because I know there are other ways to set yourself free

I don’t always like my true face, I admit

Sometimes I want to hide

Honestly, that’s okay because tomorrow doesn’t have to be tomorrow

Eventually we will find our true faces

Someday we’ll all have faces

They’ll be the faces we want to have

They’ll be the faces we were too afraid to show

Because who knows who’ll accept you in the end?

Who knows who’ll be beside you?

Whatever happens, you have a face and a voice and they’re so beautiful

You don’t have to hide

I know it’s scary to take off the mask

I know it’s scary to see your own true face

But you don’t have to be scared

Because I know

I get it

I’m still learning to take off the mask

I’m still figuring out how to show people what it’s like to hang out in my head

We can do this together

We can find our faces together

Because someday we’ll have a face and it’ll be our’s to show

Our’s to scream to the sky, “Look! We made it!

We found ourselves after years of looking!”

Look in the mirror

Your face is in that soul somewhere

Reach through and grab it

Because tomorrow we’ll all have faces

And they will belong solely to us.

(Copyright Shadow Wolf Studios 2020)