NAME: Yinyan

GENDER: female

PRONOUNS: she/her


BIRTH DATE : unknown

AGE: perhaps older than time (currently a willow tree)

HEIGHT: 3.7 ft (at shoulder)

WEIGHT: 205 lbs


Yinyan is a Veil entity that prefers to take the form of a large winged wolf. Her fur is mainly white with multiple black spirals over her neck and back. There are other black markings on her nose bridge and ears. Her eyes are a deep golden color. Her wings reach a wingspan of approximately 28 feet in length. She doesn’t have an extremely muscled body since she doesn’t get involved in many conflicts.

Reference Sheet: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/799670477586984733/


Yinyan is the protector of the Veil and the “ruler of Shades”. She can be considered as the one who rules beside Estrella, but she doesn’t consider herself to be in that position.

She does not oversee any dreams, but she makes sure that the Shades go where they must. She allows the Shades to exist as their own creatures (except for the Free-Form Shades).

Yinyan’s abilities include existing as any being with energy (such as a willow tree), summoning and controlling spirits from the Veil, and using the Veil for transportation.