NAME : Shikari

GENDER : male

PRONOUNS : he/him


BIRTH DATE : unknown

AGE : as old as time

HEIGHT : 3.7 ft (at shoulder)

WEIGHT : 200 lbs


Shikari is a dream entity that has taken the form of an undead wolf. His coat is a bright reddish orange and he’s missing his left front leg. The top half of his tail has exposed bone, and the left side of his face is a skull. His eyes are a golden yellow and his ears curl a bit at the top. He’s built well with decent muscle under his skin.

Reference sheet:


Shikari has full control over his territory in the Nightmare Realm, but cannot rule above Cypher.

He oversees nightmares about the apocalypse, the dead (rising again or being haunted by a dead loved one), and self-harm (loosely).

He can summon the dead from the Veil as long as their bodies have not decayed greatly. He can control them as long as their will is weak. Shikari also has the ability to revive the dead into fully functional living beings (with new bodies). They can still die again after being revived. He cannot use the Veil for any other means.