Can you see these shattered parts?
Can you let me free from this rut I’m stuck in?
It’s getting cold,
out on my own,
no shelter in sight.
But I am the fortress,
I am the key.
I need to let myself in.

See these wounds all over my soul?
They sting me when it gets cold.
I guess it’s a good thing
that the ocean never freezes.

I’ve buried myself deep underground
where no one will ever reach me.
But I’m lying on a shovel
and I might dig my way out.

Reach for me now.
I’m calling for you.
I need you here by my side
as the walls grow closer.

Please don’t let me seal myself inside this rut again.
I need you here.
I need this home you made for me.

Just don’t try and save me from the cold.
Let me try and save myself.
I have the key to my soul;
I just need to let myself in.

Throw all the masks to the ground.
Kick the monsters out of the window.
I’m ready to turn the key.
I’m ready to let myself in.

But wait.
I’m trembling.
Do I want to move forward?
Can I leave the past behind?
Can I make this commitment without bailing on myself?
These broken wings don’t remember how to fly.
These shattered parts
need to put themselves together.

I am the fortress,
but I am the key,
and I can save myself from this cold.

They say the ocean helps heal wounds,
so I’ll create an ocean around me
from these pieces that broke so long ago.
I am finding my way.

I will turn the key.
I will open these stone-cold doors.
Just give me time
and give me this golden light.

Six shards on the wall,
surrounding me,
and preventing my fall.

This is the way I let myself in.
This is the way I will turn the key.
I will find myself through these stories,
these plots I made for me.

The shadows are deep,
but I don’t have to be scared.
Not of my monsters,
not of my shards.
I will be who I’ve needed to be
after all this time that’s passed by.

I’m only just a reach away.

And with these six….

The key begins to turn.

“Six” Copyright Shadow Wolf Studios 2020