NAME: Lola

GENDER: non-binary

PRONOUNS: they/it

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: demisexual grayace sapphic

BIRTH DATE : February 25, unknown year

AGE: much, much younger than Estrella but much, much older than Shadow

HEIGHT: 2.2 feet (at shoulder)

WEIGHT: 153 lbs


Lola’s fur is mainly white. Their ears, back of neck, back, and tail are a lighter brown. The inside of their ears are a creamy color. Their eyes are a light purple. They have large, bat-like wings with a golden tint to them. Lola’s wings reach up to 25 feet. They have a stouter build to them, but they can clearly keep up a fight.

Reference sheet: coming soon


Lola is the current ruler of Kinoko, a realm independent of the rest of the Dream Realms. They rule with their mate, Juniper.

Lola does not have any known abilities. They have some connection with the Veil and can speak with it directly.