NAME: Anton

GENDER: male

PRONOUNS: he/him


BIRTH DATE : June 12, 1997

AGE: approx. 6 months (beginning)

HEIGHT: 2.3 ft (at shoulder – adult height)

WEIGHT: 154 lbs


Anton is solidly built with light brown fur. He has dark brown patches on his back, cheek fluff, and muzzle. His tail is that same dark brown color. The underside of the tip of his tail is a gray-brown, and that same gray-brown is present in a patch on Anton’s hide. The fluff inside his ears is a lighter brown, although not that much lighter than his light brown fur. His eyes are off-gold. Anton’s build seems to suggest that he packs a decent amount of muscle. He has enough physical strength to take down a deer almost by himself.

Reference sheet: coming soon