Stay Here

“Stay Here” Copyright Shadow Wolf Studios 2021

the world remains in a suspended state for this moment

a moment that takes me somewhere else

I am inside my head

inside a world where things make sense

and, for this moment, I am no longer here

I’m trying to focus, I swear

trying to work these things out

but, with every moment I think, I go back inside my head

back inside my worlds I created

worlds where heroes win

I am there for a while

and then I’m behind on life

my days here are numbered

I’ve made my peace with it

I am in my peak, my prime

I should savor these moments

I should treasure them

this moment, this single moment, can never be recreated

but I am inside my head

I am on the moon

I’m not coming down anytime soon

“stay here”

I’m pleading with myself

“stay here

there’s less time than yesterday”

I want to keep my head here

stay grounded

have enough gravity to keep my feet on the pavement

it is not enough to plead

I can’t get down

stay here

stay here

I need to stay here

moments with my dog can’t come again

I am in the open

I need to stay here, need to be aware

I am staring at my feet

I am somewhere else

I have a life

I need to live it

I can’t focus

I am living in some sort of oblivion

a space between what’s real and what isn’t

fact and fiction gets blurred

I am here but I’m not

stay here

I’ve got to stay here

seconds and minutes don’t repeat

I can’t go back to try again

I can panic, get myself stressed

I can go inside my head at pivotal moments because I’m too scared to face difficult conversations

scared and awkward enough to slip away

no one can drag me from my clouds

no one can shut out my stars

I am far away from here

in my own little world where everything makes sense

but I miss you

I miss us

I miss this world

stay here

I want to stay here

Copyright Shadow Wolf Studios 2021