NAME : Vincent

GENDER : male

PRONOUNS : he/they


BIRTH DATE : unknown

AGE : not quite as old as time, but close enough

HEIGHT : ranges from 13.2″ (at shoulder) to 20.2″ (at shoulder)

WEIGHT : ranges from 197 lbs to 230 lbs


Vincent is a tall entity that did not take a specific animal as his form. Its short, wired fur is mostly a smokey black with a few white rings on its shoulders and thighs. His face resembles a strange flat mask with a mouth hidden beneath it. Vincent doesn’t open his mouth that often but is still able to speak quite clearly. Its nose is similar to the beak of an owl, and his eyes are black with white specks for pupils. There is a brown patch at the top of his head. His tail is long and fluffy. His back legs lead to paws while his front legs lead to feet with long claws. His ears are also long with hair sticking out of them.

Reference sheet: coming soon


Vincent is one of the king of the Mystic Realm. He rules it alongside his husband, Friar. While Friar looks after the actual inhabitants of the Mystic Realm, Vincent makes sure that the energy passing through into the human realm passes safely. He also looks after all of the Shades in that area, whether they’re Free-Form or Final.

He oversees the mixing of dreams into the incoherent mess that is received by humanity.

Vincent is able to command the Veil to create barriers around his realm. He is also able to use the Veil’s energy to grow or shrink in size. Sometimes, Vincent must pass energy into the human realm himself, or he must do the mixing as it was not working correctly. They can alter their height at will. They cannot use the Veil for any other reason.