NAME : Estrella

GENDER : female

PRONOUNS : she/it


BIRTH DATE : unknown

AGE : as old as time

HEIGHT : 3.2 ft (at shoulder)

WEIGHT : 186 lbs


Estrella is a dream entity that has taken the form of a winged wolf. Her fur is silver in color with some teal markings on her nose bridge and paws. Her wings have the same teal color as her markings and can reach up to 21 feet in length. Although she appears thin, underneath her skin are hardened muscles. Her eyes are a golden-yellow, bright enough to appear to pierce through one’s soul.

Reference sheet:


Estrella remains as the ruler of the Dream Realms; not of all four realms that make up the Dream Realms, but only of the large realm in the middle.

She oversees any form of “good dreams”.

Estrella’s abilities include sensing what others love, summoning spirits from the Veil but being unable to keep them present, and focusing Veil energy into Shades that fit her dream type. She cannot use the Veil for any form of transportation.

Half of her power was placed into a rock-like pendant that hangs around her neck. It has the north star engraved upon it.