Am I me today?

Or am I you?

Are you me?

I’ve sewn a piece of you onto me.

I’m wheezing on the inside because

Suddenly I can’t breathe.

I’m many pieces.

A lot of shattered glass.

I had to superglue myself together from

The little hints of what I could be.

I’m you and you’re me.

It’s just an unknown fact.

So my mouth is crying,

My eyes are screaming,

And I’m using a broken pen to write

These words.

Or am I?

I’m stitched together from “What if’s”

Or “What could be?”

Not from “What is actually there.”

I ran into myself on a page last night.

Or she was a version of myself.

A better version?


The truth?


Another pretty truth-lie,

Another shattered piece of glass.

We said hello and

I gathered her in my arms.

Are we okay?

“Don’t be paranoid,”

She said.

“They know it’s okay.”

Sing me like a broken melody.

Paint me like a monochromatic sunrise,

Bleeding whatever beauty is left

Down on a page.

I don’t mean to be like this.

I don’t mean to have to bring myself

Out of a box and stitch the little parts

Of me back together.

Are you surprised?

What do you see?

I’m a broken melody

Singing into a broken page

With a broken pen.

I will repeat myself.

Look at us.


You and me.

I am you,

They are us,

And we are everywhere.


Not same?

An echo of humanity.

I can’t breathe.

Who am I this moment?

Who woke up this morning?

Another shard?

Another soul?

I’m much more than the stitches

I beg you not to see.

Am I me?

Or am I you?

Are you me?

How about we paint ourselves in the sky

And sing like a fallen star?

Explode like the sun.

It’s okay.

You can be you.

You with all your broken shards.

Piece by piece.

We will bring ourselves together.

It’s okay.

We will be us.

Someday it will be enough for everyone else.


For today-

We will be us.

It’s okay.

We’re enough for a thousand lifetimes.

Just us.


Us. Us.

You be you for a thousand lifetimes.

…It’s okay.

Copyright 2019 Shadow Wolf Studios